The CollegeFest Way More Weekend is a national sponsor-driven entertainment festival designed to bring over 40,000 college students together for a weekend long event where they interact with 100’s of sponsors who have the products geared towards the 18-24 year old demographic.  Tony Bennis directed the overall marketing of College Fest - both the consumer and the trade industry marketing.


Down:2:Earth is a green living festival in Boston that attracts thousands of consumers for the weekend to interact with hundreds of companies that provide “green” products and

The Achieve Program at the Noble and Greenough School is a program for middle school students in the inner city.  These 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students attend the elite Nobles school to get special academic support to help them push their school work to an even higher level as they prepare to enter high school.  This marketing video, produced by Andre Stark, is used to help generate funds in support of the program.


services.  This marketing video, directed by Tony Bennis, was used in marketing pitches for corporate sponsorship and also to market D2E directly to the consumer.


The marketing campaign by Tony Bennis included print and broadcast advertising, a major PR campaign that generated national media coverage, including in the Wall Street

Journal, marketing videos, and more.

Synergy Media Partners directs strategic marketing for clients and for our own projects.  Synergy uses traditional media, digital media, and marketing videos as part of the overall marketing strategy