Sports Exchange was a multi-camera program recorded live at the Boston Garden in front of an audience of 250 people.  The guests were top notch sports personalities engaged in high-energy conversation with Jimmy Myers covering topics way beyond just sports.  There was also the famous “You Call The Play” segment.  The program aired nationally on Fox Sports Network and also in broadcast syndication.  Famed boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter appeared in a special episode that is reported to have influenced the Denzil Washington movie.  The program was produced by Tony Bennis.  Co-Producer - Andre Stark.  Director - Rich Brian DiPirro.  Production Manager - Steve Marx.

THE HASTY PUDDING AWARDS starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Tom Hanks was a television special created by Dean Huh for Showtime.  The lively special focused on the Hasty Pudding Club at Harvard and their awards for Pfeiffer and Hanks - including the famous parade and popular presentation of the pudding pot.  Dean Huh was producer and writer.  Tony Bennis was the director.  Don Packer was the editor.  National film critic Joyce Kulhawik was the host.  In the clip below Michelle Pfeiffer is serenaded.

SPORTS EXCHANGE with JIMMY MYERS is a multiple Emmy and ACE award nominated television program developed by Synergy Media Partners and created by Tony Bennis and Jimmy Myers.  The critically acclaimed program is a lively sports entertainment program with top sports personalities interacting with Jimmy Myers and a participating audience.

The HOLA Awards is a series of TV specials filmed at the Battery Gardens in New York City developed by Synergy Media Partners. Led by producer/writer Dean Huh, with producer André Stark, and producer/director Tony Bennis, Synergy teamed up with  the Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors to select recipients of the various awards.  The high-energy television specials feature the awards, speeches, red carpet scene, the party atmosphere, and special live satellite uplinks to actors on-location through the world.

As the top Hispanic actors receive their awards, hosts Chris Rivaro and Serena Ayala engage in lively backstage discussions with performers, such as, Benicio Del Toro, Ana Ortiz, Andy Garcia, Cierra Ramirez, Hector Elizondo, Selenis Leyva, and many other major TV, film, and telenovela stars.

Following the success of the Start Peace music video, the US Justice Department and Stop Handgun Violence sponsored the award-winning educational television drama, Mandatory Sentence.  The half-hour special stars Antonio Ennis, Deric Quest, Edo G, and Wyatt Jackson.  The program was directed by Michael King and produced by Tony Bennis.  The music was performed by 4Peace.